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Baby Jacks: The #1 Seller! Our Signature Product! Bite sized snack sticks with creamy pepper jack cheese.

Beef Jerky: The finest cuts of beef, hand sliced and marinated in our original house blend of seasonings then slowly smoked. Make friends easy with this in hand.

Pepper Sticks: Snack sticks with a medium hot spice ready to eat.

Brown Sugar Cured Bacon: Quite possibly the best bacon you’ve ever had with plenty of brown sugar, lightly smoked and not too salty.

Kolbassi: A special blend of fine beef and pork mixed with old fashioned seasonings then hickory smoked to perfection. Leaner than the competition.

Jalapeno & Cheese Kolbassi: As tasty as the original, but spiced up with sliced jalapeno peppers and cheese.

Holiday Kolbassi: The recipe may be as old as the country itself, but the flavor is as fresh as freedom. Celebrate in style…..as this item is only available during certain holidays of the season.

Bologna: A mellow blend of spices compliment this summer type sausage.

Jalapeno & Cheese Bologna: Kickin’ it up a notch, this is a winner.

Grand Slam Sausage: An unbelievable combination of smoked Italian sausage stuffed with mushrooms, fire roasted peppers, onions, & pepper jack cheese. Just plain good!

The Italian Stinger: Smoked hot Italian sausage with pepper jack cheese. Extra spicy & extra good!

We offer smoked meat & cheese trays for all occasions!
Call or stop in, it is that easy…the no stress, covered dish. Available in multiple sizes for all your special occasions.

We are committed to creating new products regularly. Our goal is to make quality products that fit the needs of our customers. If you have ideas, we're always listening!